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The Community Welcomes Dogs

The Community does welcome dogs (well behaved dogs). We do like to receive a picture, partly because we love to see pictures of sweet dogs, and partly so that we can assure anyone in the Community that it is a not an aggressive dog breed etc!

For obvious reasons, the dogs are not encouraged to swim in the pool! It is always fun watching the braver dogs going mad in the sea….

We obviously also ask Guests to keep their dogs on a lead whilst they are actually inside the complex grounds and of course if your pooch ever makes a “deposit” in the Grounds or surrounding areas that it be bagged.

As far as I am aware, dogs are also allowed on the beaches and certainly at more quite times of year no-one will question it – I am not so sure about August – but no-one has ever been challenged. The Spanish are dog lovers and seem very relaxed about good dogs and you will often see owners with their dogs in restaurants.

We did used to let dogs in the Gym apparently (or rather, no-one ever made a rule against it!), until one of our Guests posted on You Tube a Video of him having constructed a fabulous way of him being able to take the dog for a walk whilst exerting the least amount of energy from himself, and he actually tied him to the Running Machine in the Gym!  He was very proud of it, and actually I it was rather funny, but obviously there are now no dogs are allowed to exercise in the Gym!