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Beach (proximity & ease of access)

Beach (proximity & ease of access)

Beach (proximity & ease of access)

The Costa del Sol is a very popular destination for travellers from all over the world particularly for the beautiful beaches and the Mediterranean sea, with more than 125 public beaches on a coastline that stretches out over 161 kilometres. 

Heaven Beach is the perfect spot for those looking to avoid crowds, especially in the summer season.  Tranquillity and peace are hallmarks of this fantastic strip of sand.  If you need a break from relaxing around the pool then step through our direct fingerprint access gate and you are directly on the beach, just paces away from your apartment. 

You can unwind and soak up the sun and enjoy the sounds of the gentle lapping of the ocean or take a swim in the refreshing waters or even make the most of the water sports  including kite surfing that are all now available only a few minutes from the apartments.  The expanse of sea to the horizon is embellished on a clear day by the mountains of Africa and the Rock of Gibraltar on the horizon. 

It has always been said that our beach is one of the widest, sandiest and most peaceful on the Coast.  We could never really prove it.  However, as if to prove that our beach is amongst the best beaches in Spain, Ikos chose to build their new and most luxurious resort on the coast- on our beach, and have also done much to improve our wonderful beach even further.   They have even been incredibly considerate and have kept a respectful distance away from us.

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