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Heaven Bikes

I do not know if you are interested in Cycling, but after our recent Christmas trip and because of the new Promenade, we are now starting (tentatively!) to offer Guests use of Bikes. We bought bikes a year or so ago and have really loved cycling inland towards the hills and in and around Cancelada and especially along the Promenade which is now nearly complete. In fact, at Christmas, we were able very easily to cycle to a point about 200 yards up the Beach (but along the road) and then you can cycle for about 4/5 kilometers (9km round trip – and very flat and easy) to Dominion Beach where at the moment, the Promenade ends – but again, you can go off-Promenade and join it again after another 100 metres or so. We are told that in 2020 the Promenade should be completed all the way to Estepona. The promenade is plenty wide enough to make cycling very easy and it is not very busy (so no great obstacle course) and, along the way, you can happily stop off for sustenance at several watering holes or beach bars. What is extraordinary, is that throughout the Promenade ride, you are never more than a matter of feet from the Sea’s edge, and nothing in between. It is unlikely that there is anywhere else in the world like it. Once they finish the Promenade outside Heaven, we will be able to cycle West and East to either Estepona or Marbella. You could always hire bikes to be delivered to the complex for a few days or a week at a time, but that can be expensive and the bikes are not always great. Also, you feel that you have to use them all the time to get value for money. So, what we are now doing, is trying out something new for 2020. We have bought extra bikes –which are available for Guests to use, on payment only of a reasonable charge per bike, which is designed only to cover wear and tear and also the time taken to prepare the bike before and after usage. Different sizes will be available with helmets. We do ask that the bikes be looked after and they are your responsibility during your stay and of course we ask that you deliver them back when you have finished with them, in good condition. Although you can of course ask to borrow the bikes at short notice if they are available – we do recommend that you book the bikes as far in advance as possible or at least tell us if you might be interested so that we can guage demand at any time. We should have plenty for everyone but just in case every apartment want to use all their bikes, you might not get the exact choice of sizes. So, if you are interested in the bikes, please let us know as early as possible in case we have very high demand and need to buy more. There will be some normal small print – we do ask that you sign a disclaimer so that you use the bikes at your own risk, and we can offer you Insurance so that just in case you damage one of the bikes, there is no risk to you. If you stick to the Promenade, it is all very flat and very safe. All bikes have lights, bells and helmets etc… If YOU can’t or don’t fancy riding the bike, you could always do what Aaron did a couple of times and drive to the Beach bar we were stopping off for, to meet us for food and drink! Actually, after he started doing the ride – he regretted his previous laziness!

It is a wonderful and dramatic ride. Hugging the shoreline all the way and seeing, hearing and smelling the waves lapping against the coast. There are also LOADS of fab stop off Beach Bars along the way…. Tikitano… Sonora…. And many more.

But, hiring a bike can be quite a performance. You have to choose the right bikes and sizes, order them, get them delivered … and the price is generally so high that you feel you have to ride all day every day! So, you might feel it is not good value if you only use it a couple of times … or you might feel too obligated? Oh, and the Bikes are often poor quality and quite uncomfortable.

SO – we have bought Adult AND Children sized bikes for Guests to use. If you would like them, we charge a contribution to the cost* – and you can use them as much or as little as you like. They will all have been checked, maintained and oiled before your arrival and when you do arrive, you and your family can choose the closest possible sizes. All bikes have lights, bells and helmets. We offer you an insurance in case you damage the bikes and we do ask you to sign a disclaimer so that we are not responsible in the event that you might have an accident (sorry – small print). But, if you do have a problem, you will be given a number to call for help to come to you.

You can of course also use the bikes to cycle further afield… into the hills, or to local shops and restaurants.

Heaven Kayak

As we are only feet from the Sea, we bought a fabulous Fibre Glass BIC Kayak (3-4 seater depending on size of occupants!)

You are welcome to use it. Put it on the little trolley, wheel it to the Sea and get in….

We provide Paddles and Life Jackets. It is a fabulous experience – for ALL ages. It is incredible how far you can go, and you do not need ANY previous experience. We do not charge anything, but we do off course ask that you return the Kayak and Paddles, safe and clean(ish!) to where you found it at the agreed time, so that it can be used by other Guests – just as you would like to find it.

Although the Beach outside the apartments is very sandy, on the entrance to the water, there can be some small stones, so we do recommend that for your comfort (and balance) that you use Beach Shoes. In case you do not have any, we have some available for sale (I am afraid that we do not lend them – because they are very cheap but for obvious reasons people may prefer not to use previously worn beach shoes and we would rather not have to clean them between uses!).

Personally I liked it best when the Sea was real flat, but when my boys went out (without me!) they said it was even more fun when it was a bit choppy. It really was great fun and despite my sons best efforts, we did not once capsize! In fact, it seems that the Kayak was a little TOO popular – so, it is likely that we will buy another one – or other similar shareable things for next year – and we are inviting Guests to let us know what else we might get….


Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

We have two ultra-stable platform Stand Up Paddle Boards available for our guests to book.  You that you don’t have to be a great paddler or some kind of athlete to have an absolute blast on a stand-up paddleboard.  These boards are equally suited for first-timers, family fun, fitness, yoga and even fishing.  This board is a unique ‘hybrid’ design of the Cross features a keeled nose for excellent tracking, full rail-to-rail volume for enhanced stability and maximum use of the entire deck, and a full waterline to increase speed and efficiency.  There are also lots of attachment points for securing accessories.

Fun for the whole family!

Heaven Fitness & Training

In recent years, we have also been making even more use of Jamie, an amazing local Personal Trainer who also has on-line clients all over the world and is himself an accomplished triathlete and who is also an amazing Swimming Teacher (you may have seen him with all the kids). As we have been approaching an age where we appreciate the fragility of fitness amongst our peers, we are very keen to promote fitness amongst our family, friends and Guests. Because my husband, Aaron hates being in the Gym when it is hot, and thought he had a great excuse, I got a hook installed on the Terrace of 401 so that he can train using Bands and Dumbells and a TRX – so, over Summer, 3 times a week Jamie put him through his paces on the Terrace! No excuses and in fairness, it does make Working Out so much nicer right by the Sea. You can now have a Hook on request – or, you are welcome to delete this paragraph and pretend I never told you! In fact, after people saw Aaron doing it (it was a great advert for Jamie) several other people requested the same and Jamie is able (very cost effectively) to put together a personalised programme to focus on any aspect of your fitness that you would like to target, whether it is strength in certain areas, or general fitness or even weight loss. Jamie is fabulous with people of all fitness levels and as he is so lovely, he is very motivating.

There is something really exciting about coming back from a trip and being in even better shape than when you left – even after eating well! Jamie is very happy to meet with you for an initial no-obligation assessment and discussion. He is VERY reasonable and speaks perfect English.