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Inside the Apartments

Inside the Apartments

Inside the Apartments

We take pride in maintaining a high quality of furnishings, crockery, cutlery, towels, sheets etc;

Airflow and Aircon

Sounds silly, but we have also just added magnetic Door Stops to all the main doors in the Apartment which has proved really cool (literally!). One real benefit that we have here is that there is always a breeze; sometimes, only half a mile away in any direction it can be really stifling – which I guess is why we often have kite Surfers. What we realised this year is that when it is really hot, by leaving all the doors open (and with the Magnetic Door stops they do not slam), the it is like AirCon-free Aircon – so much nicer! At nighttime, best to keep most of the doors shut, except the ones which have mosquito nets, and lying in bed listening to the sea is quite special. Oh, also, we have also changed all of the locks in the main doors so that there is a manual locking knob on the inside so there is no longer a risk that you leave the key on the inside of the door when you go out – something that has often proven a costly mistake!

The price includes electricity charges and Air Conditioning / Heating on a fair usage basis. We do ask Guests to agree that they will NOT leave the Air Conditioning or Heating on all of the time because it is not good for the environment or the Air Conditioning Compressors which are not designed to be running all the time. If they fail, it can be very expensive to repair and sometimes there can be a delay in getting a Qualified Technician. As this is likely at a notably hot (or cold) time, when they are at the busiest, it can mean that there can then be a delay in restoring service. As you can imagine, it is particularly upsetting when (some) Guests leave the aircon on, often all day when they leave the apartment, often with the doors wide open – perhaps to ensure that the apartment is nice and cool when they return, although in reality it only takes a couple of minutes to cool the apartment down.

The Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Hypoallergenic Pillows if you would like… extra duvets or blankets … we want you to feel at home….

Lounge & Reception


Luxury Kitchen

Media & Technology

You might be keen to escape TV etc., or, you might be pleased to know that we have a massive range of LITERALLY hundreds of TV Channels from all over the world, with a massive range of Sports (hmmmmm – if they are on!), Movie and Kids channels as well as Thousands of Movies, Hundreds of Complete Box Sets and other delights. In the kids bedroom, they can also have Netflix, ROKU and much else can be arranged for you – so that they can safely watch TV when they wake up, ideally instead of rushing to wake you up! There is also a PS4, which we can put in the Bedroom for you instead of the Lounge. For Adults, in case the children are thoroughly wiped out after their day time exertions, and ideally sleep late, there is plenty of TV for you to watch too. Actually, far too much – but you can always switch it off!

We have the fastest available Internet facilities and offer our Guests free FIBRE OPTIC with very high download speeds both in the complex and around the pool. Our apartments alone share 2 x 200 Mb lines which gives incredible speeds – far better than I get in the UK! Repeaters and if necessary TP-Links ensure good signal in all rooms in the apartment.

As well as c 80 Digital Spanish TV channels, we also now offer as standard all UK Terrestrial Channels and SKY, (all with 7 day catch up!) and additional up to date Movie Channels (several thousands across all genres and classifications), a vast array of hundreds of Box Sets (all Series) and even Password Protected Adult Channels. For Sports Fans, you can even watch virtually all UK Premier League football matches & PPV Events live – and of course all events such as the Olympics and Euros. INCLUDED in the Quoted price, we offer a massive range of thousands of international TV Channels from across the world, including France, Ireland, Germany, Holland, USA, Canada, Russia, Scandinavia and many others.

PLAYSTATIONS – In the lounge, and it can be moved to a bedroom, you also have access to a Playstation PS4 console. You can access your on-line Playstation account, or you can bring your own Playstation games, or choose (by selecting from your pre-arrival pack) any of our library of Games (on a first come first served basis – and free of charge). Games that you can select currently include (Age Ratings in brackets) Drive Club (3), FIFA 16 (3), LEGO Batman 3 – Beyond Gotham (7), LEGO Hobbit (7), Little BIG Planet (7), Minecraft (7), Knack (12), Moto GP 14 (PG), Call of Duty – Ghosts (16), WWE2K15 (16), Batman – Arkham Knight (18), Borderlands – The Handsome Collection (18), Shadow of Mordor (18). New games are added regularly and requests always considered. Two controllers can be provided – or none if you want a holiday FROM Video Games!

We also now provide a minimum 32″ TV in EVERY BEDROOM! After all, you would be unhappy if there was no TV in a hotel bedroom! In the Master Bedroom you have access to the same channels as are showing in the Lounge AS WELL as all the free to air (Digital) channels (including c 40 English, c 80 Spanish and Russian channels). In all the other bedrooms you have access to all the Community Channels and a Movie Library as well as access to your own Netflix, Amazon Prime or similar and BBC iPlayer etc.

Bigger and better TVs – especially in the Lounge and Master Bedrooms…. Also, added the same iPTV from the Lounge to the Master Bedroom. Also, as much as “back up” but also with a few other features, we have added to the Lounge and ALL Bedrooms, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, Netflix, Amazon Prime and others…. Seems very popular with the kids (for the bedrooms) and even more for the parents who get a bit more sleep in the mornings!

In addition to normal renewals and upgrades of furniture, kitchen utensils, equipment, crockery, linen, towels, hangers (!) etc., we have also put European, UK and on request, North American Multi-Blocks in each room – together with USB Charging Points – so crucial these days. So, no need to come laden with Adaptors.

We have also just introduced ALEXAs into all Rooms – Lounge, All Bedrooms and Kitchens… so that you can do all Alexa things, and also have access to the full Amazon Music Library so that you can listen to ANYTHING in any room. Hopefully soon on the Terrace too – which we are just testing….

We have offered the best Media options available for a long time. Incredible TV Channels from all over the world, all the Sporting events – everywhere…. PPV … Premier League…. Thousands of the most incredible Movies and Hundreds of amazing Box Sets – all Seasons!

And NOW, we also provide AMAZON ALEXA in every apartment. In fact, in every room!

So, use it to set an alarm…. Ask a daft question…. Follow a recipe on an Amazon Show in the Kitchen….. See what happens when you say “Alexa… I love you!”…. or play virtually ANY music you want in any room from Amazon Music.

Board Games

Board Games Available in all apartments! Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, Connect 4, Guess Who and many more

We have also put various Board Games in each Apartment as well as Table Tennis Bats, Beach Bats and Ball etc – we felt guilty about having so much WiFi and technology that there was a temptation for people not to communicate with each other. Ironically, just after we gave them out, the Internet went down in the entire Complex (someone disconnected a cable in the street) and we had no internet for over 24 hours! I think people would have had less angst if we had lost the water supply! After the initial realisation that people might actually have to cope, three separate families told us that they were delighted and that for the first time for ages, they had actually communicated with one another!!