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All Year Round Heated Pool

All Year Round Heated Pool


Despite the ongoing drought conditions in Southern Spain leading to water restrictions, our holiday complex, Heaven, is pleased to announce proactive measures to ensure an uninterrupted pool experience this summer. While Andalusia faces potential bans on refilling private pools due to water scarcity, Heaven has adapted by transitioning to a refined seawater system.

We’ve invested in new filters and salt dispensers that will maintain our pool’s pristine condition without taxing local water supplies. This upgrade not only circumvents the restrictions but elevates our pool to a luxurious saltwater experience, providing a superior alternative to traditional chlorine pools.

Our 19m pool is an all-year-round heated pool (28°c) & now COOLED in PEAK SUMMER for a more refreshing experience!

Step in and feel the difference—where comfort, health, and sustainability come together to redefine your swimming experience.  

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of our saltwater pool, designed to enhance your swimming comfort while safeguarding your health and preserving the environment. Say goodbye to the harsh effects of traditional chlorine pools and hello to a more sustainable way of swimming.

Why Choose Our Saltwater Pool?

Taste the Difference: Our pool maintains a perfect salt balance (3,000-6,000 ppm) that’s nearly undetectable compared to seawater.   Enjoy swimming in water that’s fresh and clean, without the unpleasant salty taste.

Gentle on Skin and Swimwear: Our pool uses a mild salt solution, avoiding the fabric-damaging chlorine levels that cause swimwear to fade. The reduced presence of chloramines means no more irritated skin or eyes —just pure, gentle water.

Eco-Friendly Approach: By utilizing natural processes for purification, our pool reduces the need for chemicals, minimizing environmental impact and promoting a healthier swimming experience.

Swim sustainably—your body, your swimwear, and the planet will thank you!

The main swimming pool is just under 20 metres long and is a perfect shape for swimming (and playing).  It has large steps into a shallow end so great for little ones; it isn’t too deep anywhere and is heated and therefore useable at all times of the year. 

There is also a small (unheated) baby pool which is suitable for very little ones. We have a cover that is closed over the pool during the nights and if the pool is not being used in the cooler months.   Security at reception will open the pool whenever it is wanted.