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Laundry Service

Laundry Service

Laundry Service

We are launching for the upcoming season, our new personal laundry service. We already offer cleaning and sheets and towels etc. My husband, who I do not think has ever done a wash in his life, has recently admitted that he has always felt bad (who knew!) that when we are in Spain, my life as laundry maid continues as if I am not on holiday. The kids don’t become any more helpful either. So, we have put together a new personal laundry service, so that if guests like, they can put their washing in pre-divided linen baskets, whites, coloureds, darks/blacks, and then, a little elf will bring that back all washed and ironed. Not for free, of course, but what price no laundry – and it is as cost effective as we can make it. Frankly, the more hours we can offer our staff after the effects of the pandemic, the better.

So, unless perhaps you have your husband better trained than I do, or you have some love of washing, please give it a try and give us your feedback. A few underlying principles:
We will never mix your items with any other guest’s.
We are aware that getting it wrong means possibly losing you as a guest. We will not do anything that we think could go wrong.
So, please do NOT give us anything that you are worried about – handwash? Dry cleaning; very delicate fabrics…
For resource scheduling, we will ask guests in advance of their visit, if they want the service.
It does not put you under an obligation to use it in any particular way, but we just need to plan.
If you opt in, we will put in to your apartment, a laundry basket with 3 dividers.– Dark, Light Colour
When they are as full as you would like, we will collect it. If there are items in each divider, they will each be run separately in the washing machine and then dried and sent for finishing, unless you just want it back dried.
We will tell you what detergent and softener we use as standard and will give you other options.
It’s your laundry, you decide how you want it. If you want to give us your own, we will use it.
If you would like to specify the wash or spin cycle for the washing, you decide, we will do it.

If you do have items for more specialist cleaning, we are happy to handle it for you, or tell you where to take it.

If you want us to do your washing pre-departure, no problem, and then when you arrive home, you don’t have so much washing to do – or, if you can bear to leave Heaven and are going on somewhere else before home. If you do want that, please give us warning, just in case the service is so popular that we may need to schedule.

We hope that this facility will mean that you might even not have to bring us much luggage with you!

We are working on the price list but please let us know if you would be interested in the service.