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Covid – Health & Safety Measures

Covid – Health & Safety Measures

Covid – Health & Safety Measures

For many, the thought of staying in a hotel at the moment, with all of the risks associated with communal areas and shared restaurant facilities causes understandable concern.

I know where we feel safer.  It is very easy to socially distance at Heaven Apartments and on the Coast of Southern Spain. Our apartments are private, well positioned with their own spacious terraces, most of the fantastic local chiringuitos and restaurants have great outdoor dining space. It is one of the main reasons we have always loved it being at Heaven, even before social distancing became the new normal. Whether on our beach or nearby shopping and commercial areas, we are very different to many of the built up areas and very lucky to have many al fresco restaurants nearby where the food and ambience is fabulous.

Our apartments are deep cleaned, all surfaces that are touched the most such as door handles, table, chairs, handrails, light switches, remote controls, game controllers, children’s toys etc. and then in addition they are meticulously disinfected all prior to the arrival of new guests, in order to meet the new Government requirements post-COVID-19.  

We have supplied our Housekeeping Team with specialised cleaning materials and equipment of different types to ensure we achieve a deep clean; the use of a special Karcher Rug Cleaner, a special Ozone machine amongst other items, PPE for cleaners and our Laundry is enacting many different practices.  We have also put Hand Sanitizers and disinfectant wipes and surface sprays in each apartment.

In short, we cannot think of any reasons why we would not be the ideal destination.

If you have any specific requests, please let us know.